Monday, December 7, 2015

Gone for a Month...

Lots has been happening. Let me catch you guys up:

I was in Paris for the IEC TC 29 (Electroacoustics) standards meeting. This also coincided with the Paris Attack. I am fine, I was staying near Gare du Nord at the time, and my meetings were at AFNOR, which is right across the street form Stade de France. So yeah, I was right in the middle of everything. Pictures to come on Dark...

Yesterday marked Remembrance Day to honor those who fell at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Today is the 26th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, in which 14 women were killed... because they wanted to study engineering and science. This atrocity has lent itself to further
thoughtless if less tragic acts performed by the engineering sector, mostly in the name of "recognizing women through science". This has created such things as "Hack a hair dryer", as if women can't think of their own things to hack and make.

Guys (and Girls too!), we need to do better. We need to look at women as equals. We need to treat them as equals. We as engineers need to involve our daughters AND sons in our engineering tinkering. We need to nurture the fact that that little girl can and probably will be just as good as any little boy at any of the stuff we do in our labs, workshops, or on our work benches. We need to stand up for ladies who are being treated unfairly by other engineers, teachers, and scientists. We need to hold them to the same standards that we hold our male brethren, but no higher. We need to be fair with everyone we work with, teach, or guide, no matter if they are male, female, their color, or their origin.

Sorry for my soapbox on this. We need to stop killing each other simply because we disagree with what someone else wants to do with their lives, or what they say. Everyone has the right to pursue their life as they wish, regardless of what any of us, or any of our gods, think.

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