Thursday, September 24, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse

The 27th/28th of September brings a total lunar eclipse to those between 60E and 150W longitude, including all of South America and Europe, and most of North America and Africa. The Bad Astronomer outlines the timing:

It’ll take just over an hour for the Moon to pass fully into the shadow, and the last sliver of it will slip into darkness at 02:11 UTC (10:11 Eastern). It’ll stay dark for more than an hour, and then start to be illuminated once again at 03:23 UTC (11:23 Eastern). “Last contact,” when it is out of Earth’s shadow, occurs at 04:27 UTC (00:27 Eastern, after midnight).

The great part of this is as long as you have clear skies, you'll be able to see it without a telescope or binoculars. I highly recommend checking it out, I will be. 

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