Friday, September 18, 2015

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes around...

Engineering isn't the most glamorous trade. As a research and development engineer, I can't complain with my career path. I get to run interesting experiments, and even break (intentionally) somewhat expensive equipment from time to time. Even during my day to day work, though, something comes along randomly that really tells me that I picked the right line of work...

I'm probably one of the few noise and vibration test engineers in WNY, and I've tested a lot of stuff. I've measured noise from automotive torque converters, planes, semi-trailers, cars, snowmobiles, guns, and boats. This weekend, I get to measure crowd noise, which isn't really that ludicrous of a measurement. What makes this special is that the measurement is at Ralph Wilson Stadium when the Buffalo Bills are playing the New England Patriots, and the measurements are for the Guinness World Record.

WIVB (Channel 4 in Buffalo) interviewed me today, and we talks about everything from why some sound meters (Shameless Plug) are better than others to what a decibel is. Not all of it made the aired interview, here is a link to what did! Enjoy!

UPDATE: I'll probably be talking to at least ESPN at some point tomorrow. We'll see how this crazy ride goes. BUFFALO NEW YORK, LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

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