Sunday, July 5, 2015

Expect the Amazing out of Old Tech

Westerlund 2 — Hubble’s 25th anniversary image

I read a lot about photography, having just picked it up as a hobby, and hear a lot of discussion about people needing to have the latest and greatest tech in order to take better pictures. After reading this article by The Guardian, I'm pretty sure none of these people have any clue about what it takes to make great photography. Hubble has 8 imaging sensors, with the latest having been upgraded in 2009, but most are from 2002 or earlier. Even then, the tech used had to be extremely reliable, hence it was probably outdated even for then. Hubble repeatedly sends down some of the most amazing and beautiful images, and I don't hear NASA complaining about how they could be some much better if only they got the brand new Canon 5DSR up on the scope.

Needless to say, I'll never blame a bad picture on my camera, no matter how old it is...

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