Sunday, March 8, 2015

Women Pioneers in Physics

The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics has posted this gallery of some of the greatest female minds in the sciences. They have everyone from Cecilia Payne, who is the mother of modern Astrophysics, to Marie Curie, who is the only person, man or woman, to have a Nobel Prize in two different disciplines (Physics and Chemistry). Their profiles are below, and the rest can be seen here.

As for this Blog, I find Dynamics stuff so sporadically, that it's hard to talk about JUST that. I have a list of other things that I've wanted to talk about on here for so long that I decided to expand to all of my fascinations including:

3D Printing and Modern Manufacturing
Quadcopters, Drones, and RC Flight
and of course...
Dynamic Systems, Acoustics, and Modal Analysis

Talk soon!

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