Sunday, August 17, 2014

So I'm a slacker...

And haven't posted in over a year... Here's a little spotlight of what I've done in that year:

I spoke at a bunch of different trade-shows talking about about everything from microphone selection to sound power. I have more talks coming up on automotive cabin interior noise (Auto Test Expo), acoustic calibration of microphones, and designing and building an anechoic test chamber (International Modal Analysis Conference).

I did onsite testing of some of our accelerometers for Hendrickson International and Rolls Royce. Both of these instances allowed me to travel to pretty awesome places, and be a part of some pretty neat dynamics testing. Hendrickson was a durability course where I actually rode in the sleeper of the cab while driving a semi with trailer over a ridiculous amount of bumps and road cracks. Rolls Royce was a simple every day jet engine balance test... :-D

I traveled to Pretoria, South Africa to talk with electroacoustics experts from around the world about the standards surrounding microphones, sound level meters, artificial ears, and various other acoustic measurement implements.

Meanwhile, when I'm actually in the office, I've been working on updating our procedures of microphone calibration, including free field, pressure, and random incident calibration. These three calibration types are mostly complete, and my next big project is performing a reciprocity calibration of microphones. My couplers are in house, I just need to sit down and do it!

I'll try to keep this up a little bit better. Sunday nights seem like a good time for me to do this, so watch for updates.

Keep an eye on a couple other pretty awesome sites for various engineering badassitude. These include:

Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics!
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I'm going with Nicole's model on FYFD and only doing short talks on stuff. I was getting way too long winded with my updates, and was boring myself.

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